Series CPO


The EVR "SERIES CPO" Slip-on Check Valves are manufactured with an intergral reinforced flexible sleeve and complete with heavy duty clamps the series CPO can be easily attached directly over the pipe end.

Available in standard sizes up to 96" we will also manufacture any valve size to meet your exact needs.


  • Storm water outfall
  • Sewer Interceptor Check Valve
  • Flood control systems
  • CSO/SSO/Effluent Discharge
  • Pumping stations/Wet wells
  • Submerged Outfall Diffuser Nozzles


  • Full rubber construction, totally wear resistant to abrasives
  • No water hammer and noise, prevents back flow
  • No energy costs, actuation or maitenance
  • Valve will not deform or freeze
  • Easily exchangeable with other check valves
  • Designed to suit all diameters and pressure ratings
  • Flanged type and Slip On type available